How to Accelerate Your Business

The world is a chaos with constant changes, and in order to stay successful you need to be agile and change simultaneously. How can you hold on to success? How can you become a High Performance Organization, which consistently performs better than your competitors? What is the secret behind consistent, long term growth? René Savelberg reveals it in this unique webinar. 

  • di 26 mei 2015 16:00 - 17:00
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The secret of Business Acceleration 

More and more companies struggle with the flood of changes in our society. Good products, smart marketing and skilled professionals are no longer a guarantee for success and growth. And according to several studies, 80 to 90% of all organizations loose 50% of all employee-energy. In other words, most organizations actually perform only at half power...

What needs to change?
René Savelberg shares his experiences with growth companies and what he feels needs to change in order to stay successful - long term:

  • How to transform, accelerate and grow your business differently
  • Discover how truly committed employees become intrapreneurs, ready to conquer the world
  • How 'Business Acceleration' works in practice
  • How to initiate and implement massive employee engagement, inspiring leadership and maximize execution power

René Savelberg

Former CEO of McDonald's Netherlands. Start-up serial-entrepreneur in Europe and the USA. Author of a bestselling management book on growth. Keynote speaker and columnist on 'Business Acceleration'. Helps organizations optimize performance to develop and maintain their full business potential - long term. To become High Performers (HPO 's) who perform substantially better than the market. With higher revenues (+ 30%), employee satisfaction (+ 36%), productivity (+ 40%) and retention (90% less turnover) providing real, long-time added value for both stakeholders and society.

With a number of core partners René and his team of accelerators have developed a unique new model to achieve maximum performance and continuous growth.


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